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Everyone has a story. It’s true. 

Some are sad stories of hardship and tragedy, while others are full of laughter and joy. I’ve been transfixed by tales of travel and daring adventures of skydiving and bungee jumps. 

Mammoth acts of kindness and courage renew my faith in mankind, and we’ve all been bored senseless by a neighbor who has chosen us as the sounding board for their inane anecdotes.

So you see – good, bad, or boring – everyone has a story.


I Am
Mindy Levy

Mindy Levy is an independent author living in the Southeastern United States. A native Bostonian, she relocated after a year stint in Europe following college to be close to family.

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Your Story Is Unique
Did I mention that there are a multitude of anecdotes for you the hear?
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Your Experiences are Yours
And, you have yet to meet my mother (on page).
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You Are Not a Victim of Circumstances
Your weaknesses are your strengths. Period.
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“Do bullies get bullied? Do celebrity chefs really not like the food they cook? Is there really such a thing as a 'working' vacation, or is it really 'work'? I have dozens of these questions.”

Mindy's Musings, 2012
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