Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite

5 Star Review

5 Star Review

“Mindy Levy offers readers a candid look at her family. She readily admits that there are two important F words in her life, Food and Family. Mindy’s family is Jewish. Even though I had read about some of the Jewish holidays and traditions, reading this book quickly showed me how much I did not know. Every event seems to surround food. Mommom is Mindy’s grandmother; when she was extremely hungry she would say, “I’m not very hungry” and then she would eat everything in sight. Mindy’s mother collects a keepsake from the table when they eat out: it could be a butter knife, salt and pepper shakers or the small coffee creamer. Laughter seems to be the bond that cemented her family together. It is amazing how laughter can make a difference in a family. When Sarah accidentally threw her two diamond rings down the garbage chute she hysterically called Mindy for help. After Mindy found the rings Sarah laughed hysterically, admitting that she would not have done the same for Mindy. Life as a step-mother is even funnier.

This book will have readers laughing out loud. I have only shared a few of the antics Mindy writes about. Life often takes us by surprise; we can become upset or we can laugh. I prefer Mindy’s method for handling life in general. Mindy and her whole family laugh and they have plenty to laugh about. “Mindy’s Musings” is an enchanting read. There are only 63 pages in this book but each page is filled with real life happenings that will keep the reader smiling if not laughing. Author Mindy Levy has a lovely manner of storytelling.”


“This book is a lot of fun, good laughs coming from sharing life with people you feel like you know. Unlike “50 Shades of Gray”, the only thing people get tied up with here is anxieties. I also learned a lot. For example, I knew people collected spoons, but I never realized it could be a competitive sport. Suddenly my all-matching silverware drawer seems very drab and Midwestern. I also learned a lot about swimwear and how if you’re a parent, your kids’ love might be expressed with a little bit of partially-digested doughnut in it.”

“This is a cute little book describing events in Mindy Levy’s life. Mindy finds the humor in situations we all find ourselves but never give a second thought to. In many ways she has a similar quality of observation as Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame. An inocuous momement becomes hilaorous when focused on and expanded. This book will certainly make you smile – even possibly laugh out loud.”

“This author is a breath of fresh air with her comical, down-to-earth, and constant upbeat perspective of these true life experiences that are so outrageous that they are almost unbelievable! Anyone who is in a Jewish/Christian relationship or simply have friends or relatives that are of the opposite religion will relate. Regardless of your religious upbringing and beliefs, any reader will feel as if Mindy is telling their own hysterical moments and hiccups that life gives us as you laugh and cry through each experience with her. An excellent read you can enjoy over and over as if you are reading them for the first time every time.

I look forward to future publications from this author!”

“This book is uplifting in that it puts a smile back into reality. Mindy certainly has insight with a flare for the humor in her writing. Irresective of religion, any and all will smile as they read the escapades of her family and friends – looking forward to a sequel! ******************************* rating!”