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August 17th Is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Who knew??? Tomorrow, August 17th, is Black Cat Appreciation Day! I found out from none other than Captain Feline who advocates for these fab, furry creatures.

“Due to an undeserved reputation stemming from old superstitions, black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of other colours. Thus, “Black Cat Appreciation Day” was started by Wayne Morris, and has since become a highly participated online event. Yet black cats still struggle to find forever homes.”

Samson and I, of course, wanted to show our support. So we And we liked Captain Feline’s Facebook page. Then we left a cool picture on the Black Cat Appreciation Day Giveaway graphic.

Much to our surprise, we were notified that we won a special limited edition 13 x 19″ poster that was to be awarded to one lucky winner. Wow, we were stoked.  It arrived today and we hung it over Samson’s (current) favorite spot in the house.

<———Here he is admiring it.


Big thanks to Captain Feline and everyone who rescues this wonderful creatures every day.  I thought you might enjoy a view into our appreciated cat’s day to day.  Here’s a little video.  Enjoy.



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