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Mindy’s Guide To The Eight Days Of Chanukah Gift Giving!



Day One

Fill their hearts and their stomachs with a Chanukah surprise from Schmaltz Deli (!  Need a complete brisket dinner, bubelah?  Got you covered.  Latkes or lox?  Check!  Seriously, these guys bring classis Jewish food right to your door.  So don’t wait, bubbe says you’re too skinny.  Call or click now and put some meat on those bones.

Day Two

It’s the Perfect Fit Button.  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?  I’m not!  This product is freaking amazing.  I have them in every color.  Lost a few pounds?  No prob- the PFB magically shrinks your pants a size.  And who doesn’t need to instantly add an inch to any pants… in seconds!  Especially after you and the kids have scarfed down all those Schmaltz Deli delights?  It’s anything but CHAZEREI so you’re sure to need some extra space at the waist.  (At least until you sign up for that new gym on January 1st and quit by February 15th.)

Save yourself from the dangers of safety pins.  Avoid the long sweater syndrome (to cover up the button that just won’t reach.  And eat, bubelah, eat.

Day Three

“She’s always there with chopped liver and sound advice. No more worry- for the smallest or largest of challenges- the answers are here. Just ask yourself, what would bubbe say?”

Keep warm with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in a “ What Would Bubbe Say” customer mug.  Or hang a “WWBS” ornament on your Chanukah bush!  This shop on Café Press has everything the bubbe lover in you needs!

Day Four

It’s the Manischewitz Chanukah House Decorating Kit.  Finally.  FINALLY Jews have a voice in this frustrating, sticky and just plain icky family holiday construction activity.  I’ve made many a gingerbread house in my day.  Most of them fell apart.  We ate none of them (oy, did you read the ingredients???)  Anyway, we’ve been left out of this important tradition long enough and I myself have purchased not one, but two, of these Chanukah houses and will proudly post pics when they are complete!

Day Five

Mindy’s Musings.  Yes, yes, I am entitled to one shameless Chanukah plug.  This is my blog after all!  You can get it everywhere…, smashwords, Goodreads, my website (  So give ‘em some love and some laughter with my book in paperback or ebook NOW!

Day Six

By now you’re in full Chanukah swing.  It’s really getting fun and everyone can’t wait to light the candles and begin the hunt for gifts.  You can’t go wrong with ANYTHING from The Onion  Store.

Seriously, they have everything from WTF sticky notes to fake products like the Dept. Of Homeland Security Cologne: Decoy Box-“ the best way to be singled out for very, VERY thorough search.”  Then there’s my personal favorite, the Traumatize Your Children book.  It’s the authority on seven proven methods to help you screw up your kids (

Day Seven

We’re in the home stretch and it’s time to do some serious gift giving.  So find gifts that GIVE.  I mean it.  Here are some great websites for places that give back, help others and are sure to bring you some good karma!  Please check them out and consider choosing one of them and make a difference!

Gifts that Give:

Huffington Post: 10 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Find your favorite charities here with a comprehensive list from A-Z:

Day Eight

Laughter.  Give them laughter.  They say laughter is the best medicine and I agree. Plus, it’s free, has no bad side effects and is available to EVERYONE!

Happy Holidays and keep smiling!



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