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You Might Be A Germaphobe If……

I need your help.

I returned from an overseas business trip where, over dinner, I shared with my colleagues that when I returned from work, I tossed a bottle of water I opened that morning and left in my hotel room. Why? Well, hadn’t they seen all the documentaries about the cleaning staff using the toilet brush on the water glasses? Apparently not.

Needless to say, it sparked an animated debate over 1) my sanity, 2) what the housekeeping hotel staff REALLY does when they “clean” your room and 3) the general goodness of mankind.

In an effort to establish my case (and vindicate those of us who do, in fact, believe people are innately good but maintain a healthy level of skepticism) I request you complete the quick poll below.

10 seconds, literally, is all it takes.

Riddle Me This!
You open a bottle of water in your hotel room and drink half of it. You go out and return at the end of the day. Housekeeping has cleaned your room while you are out. Your water bottle from this morning is still there. You….

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Mindy Levy

Aw c’mon guys. You KNOW you thought the same thing.

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Mags —

To be honest I’m usually quite paranoid, but in the case of a sealed bottle I would feel safe that general laziness would outweigh any malice on the cleaning staffs behalf.

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